• Raha Khademi

Narrations of Her

Updated: May 13, 2019

How many different types of space can be created and also defined within a two dimensional space?

Does the space which has been created by a work of art always and necessarily exist inside of the work?

these were the two main questions which were all the time in my mind for a very long time and at some point I could fine some alternative answers in the old artistic traditions of my own country, Iran. the ancient Persia actually! the old masters in this almost forgotten visual tradition believed in an invisible, intangible and imaginary space which is located in the mind of the viewer. they defined it as an added space (or a space which doesn’t actually exist in the work of art but it will be formed in the mind of the viewer if the work of art does its job properly. but how is it possible?what is a proper work of art which can activate an alternative space?

I tried to translate these old ideas into my own contemporary visual language, and the result was more than ten big drawings and a video art. all these pieces can work together as one installation piece, yet they can also function separately. However, for me the video can be a conclusion of my artistic research for answering my questions about space and the role of the imagination of the viewer. In this video I give the audience some clues by combining the image and the text, but the main narration is forming in her mind. This video is the result of my endeavours to create spaces which are playing between being real and unreal, the spaces which are fluctuating between the real images and the images that are going to be formed in our mind as a reflection to what we see and also hear.

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Utrecht, Netherlands